A Guide On How To Choose A MIDI Keyboard For Beginners

If you’re a beginner and are looking for a beginner MIDI keyboard to purchase, then it can be quite confusing since there are many different types to choose from.

Different keyboards have different features and in order to progress, it is essential that you purchase a keyboard that is in line with your skills and needs. We will now take a look at a couple of tips that should help you in this endeavor.

How to Choose A Beginner MIDI Keyboard?

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The Number Of Keys

First of all, you should consider the number of keys on the keyboard. There are many MIDI keyboards that come with numerous buttons that allow you to create different sounds and effects which is quite confusing and overwhelming for any beginner.

As mentioned previously, there are different MIDI keyboards that come in different keys. For example, there are 25 key MIDI keyboards, 49 key, 61 key, and 88 key MIDI keyboards. The simplest and lightest one is the 25 key MIDI keyboard which has to be played using one hand. However, the sound from this keyboard isn’t great quality and as a result, most professionals avoid using it. The 49 key MIDI keyboard is a bit bigger but it is also quite mobile.

However, you’ll need to play this keyboard using both hands. The 61 key MIDI keyboard creates sounds like a classic organ and the 88 key MIDI keyboard is the largest and heaviest keyboard and produces sounds like an acoustic piano. There are even other sized MIDI keyboards such as the 33, 37, 73, and 76 key MIDI keyboards, however, these are uncommon.

It is important to note that the more keys that a keyboard has, the greater the ability to create complex sounds and music. As a result, beginners should avoid purchasing the 25 key MIDI keyboard since they are seen as being too limited and even archaic.

Various knobs and Controls

Another key consideration when choosing a MIDI keyboard is the various knobs and controls available. Different keyboards have different knobs and capabilities.

Therefore, it is best to select a keyboard that offers the type of controls that will give you the sound that you want to produce. Some of the controls include pads, knobs, faders, buttons, touch strips, foot controllers, breath controllers, expression pedals, piano pedals, MIDI stompboxes, organ foot pedal keyboards, etc.


Getting a Multitimbral Keyboard

Another thing to think about is getting a multitimbral keyboard. To put it simply, these types of keyboards allow you to play different timbres at the same time. This will allow you to create fascinating and astounding sounds that will surely wow your audience.

Next, you should look for a MIDI keyboard with a sampler and sequencer. This is how the synth feature of the keyboard works and helps with tone generation. The sampler allows you to record sounds that can be reused in your music.

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Final Words

To wrap things up, these are just a few guidelines on how to select a MIDI keyboard for beginners. Of course, you should also pay close attention to the Midi Keyboard brand, model, and reviews from other real musicians. Once you take all these things into consideration, you’ll be much better equipped to select a great MIDI keyboard that you’ll enjoy playing.