How To Choose Bar Stools For Protecting My Carpet

Choosing the right bar stools is a matter of careful research. You need to start by determining the must-have features of your stools, in order to ensure a perfect end result of your efforts. One of the things many people overlook is the need for protecting their flooring surface. Here’s how to choose bar stools for protecting your carpet.

Things to Consider In Choosing Bar Stools For Carpets

Based on your carpet types

the best bar stools for carpet

Different types of carpet will require different levels of protection. If your carpet can withstand intense traffic, you may be just fine with buying any type of bar stool you want, without worrying about any protection. However, regular carpets will get damaged by the legs of your bar stools, if you don’t choose them carefully. Let’s see what are your available options and what you can do to get the right bar stools without having to compromise on comfort or looks.

Get right type of stools

One of your main priorities should be to choose the right type of stool. You can get the heavy ones that don’t move, with adjustable height and swiveling mechanism. This will ensure that the legs of your stools won’t move around. Your carpet will be safe, as its fibers won’t get damaged. If you pick this type of stool, try to go for narrower legs, as they have a very small footprint. A too-large footprint may result in irreversible damage to the carpet fibers, so the best thing to do is to avoid this situation in the first place.

Weight of stools

Keep in mind that the weight of the stools might also influence the amount of damage your carpet will suffer. Lightweight stools are better than very heavy ones because their own weight doesn’t affect the carpet too much. On the contrary, a very heavy stool will smash the carpet fibers and will irremediably affect them. Even if no guests sit on your stools, you’ll still need to put up with a significant amount of carpet wear, so you’ll probably need to replace your carpet too often to be worth it.

best bar stools for carpet use

Stool frame

Wood is a great choice for a stool frame that doesn’t affect the carpet as severely as stainless steel or other such materials. Wood is lightweight, being, therefore, one of the best options when it comes to choosing the best bar stools for carpet. Wicker and rattan are two of the trendiest choices of the moment, so you’ll surely find some cool and great looking bar stools to pick for your home.

Get protective caps

There’s an alternative way to get the bar stools you want and protect your carpets at the same time, which is to buy a set of protective caps to install on the tips of the legs. If you aren’t sure how these accessories look, you can go to any hardware store in your neighborhood and check out some of the available options. Any shop assistant should be able to offer you guidance and some useful information.

Protecting your carpet is important if you want to keep your home maintenance costs low. This is how you should think when it comes to choosing furniture and appliances.